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~ Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change ~

A new and very positive social trend has been catching on in Berlin, Germany. A group called "Random Change Pocketeers" pick foreign tourists at random and slip change into their purses, bags or pockets while they are busy admiring the sights or eating Turkish food. The group's founder, Klaus Böckler said in a recent interview for Der Spiegel: "Wir sind am Gewinn beteiligt." We have not been able to reach Mr. Böckler for comment in English, so we can't really tell you what he meant by saying "Wir sind am Gewinn beteiligt."
The ultimate thrill: waiting for the German verb.


Polish President Hanka Bielicka flew to Tajikistan to visit the Polish troops who are building sanitation facilities in the city of Gharm. In a televised interview for "Teleexpress" she praised the troops' efforts by saying: "Our brave boys and girls are doing a wonderful job here in Tajikistan. By helping the people of Gharm in a very tangible way, they are showing the world that lack of wars is not an excuse to be oblivious to other nations' needs. We can all be very proud of them. The sanitation facilities they've built are just as beautiful and functional as the ones we have in Warsaw." Ms. Bielicka will be returning to Warsaw tomorrow.

Bulgaria continues to release more movies than any other country in the world. Virtually every weekend a new Bulgarian production hits movie screens all over the world. "Far From Kurdzhali" is a new chick-flick from the director of "Stop, Or My Grandma Will Sneeze", Hristo Stoichkov. The movie is a deliciously romantic story about an insecure fisherman who falls in love with a young elementary school teacher. The plot deepens when the teacher's father falls for the fisherman's aunt, and the aunt falls for the teacher's father's brother, who in turn... well, we don't want to spoil it for you. Let's just say that "Far From Kurdzhali" is a must for every Stoichkov fan. The Hills of Plovdiv, where the largest Bulgarian movie maker has its studios, enjoys a steady influx of tourists from all over the globe.
The Hills of Plovdiv
In Bulgaria, shaking the head from side to side means yes and nodding up and down means no.
Here is the latest news from the world's most watched sport. Algerian curling champion, Djamel Benyelles proved again that he has no equal this season. During the men's world championship competition which has just concluded in Santa Clara, Cuba, Benyelles was curling beautifully and beat his biggest opponent Adam Marysz from Poland. The victory gave him the world champion title for the sixth time in a row. Benyelles is reported to have signed a contract with the Finnish car maker "Volkia", which will make him one of the three richest athletes in the world. Despite losing to the Algerian champ, Adam Marysz made over seven million pesos this year.
Les Spoof - if this is your only source of news - you're in a poor shape.

(to) be oblivious to...- byc nieswiadomym czegos (kogos) lub obojetnym (na cos)
(to) catch on
- stawac sie popularnym
change - tu: drobne pieniadze
chick-flick -
film dla kobiet (wyciskacz lez)
(to) conclude -
dobiec do konca, zakonczyc sie
excuse -
- budynek (jak np. szpital), ktory sluzy do konkretnego celu
(to) fall in love with... / fall for... -
zakochac sie w...
(to) have no equal -
nie miec sobie rownych
(to) hit the screens -
wejsc na ekrany
in a row -
z rzedu (five times in a row = piec razy z rzedu)
in a very tangible way
- w sposob namacalny (konkretny)
influx of tourists -
naplyw turystow
it's a must -
tu: musisz (ten film) koniecznie zobaczyc
(to) pick (choose) at random
- wybierac przypadkowo
plot - tu: fabula, akcja filmu
(to) praise the efforts -
chwalic wysilki
(to) reach someone for comment
- skontaktowac sie z kims w celu uzyskania komentarza
(to) release a movie -
wpuscic film na ekrany
(to) slip into
- wlozyc cos niezauwazenie, wsunac (takze 'wrzucic na siebie': "I need to slip into something more comfortable")
steady -
staly, miarowy
- zolnierze (wystepuje tylko w liczbie mnogiej)
virtually - tu: prawie

1. Zanim film wszedl na ekrany, producent wydal ponad 40 milionow zlotych na reklame.

the movie the producer over forty million zlotys on advertising.

2. Nauczycielka nieustannie chwalila wysilki swoich uczniow co motywowalo ich do osiagania jeszcze lepszych wynikow.

The teacher constantly which motivated them to achieve better results.

3. Poogladaj sobie TV, podczas gdy ja wrzuce na siebie te niebieska sukienke.

watch some TV, I the blue dress?

4. Uczestnicy konkursu zostali wybrani losowo.

have been chosen .

5. Mowi sie o nim, ze w latach szescdziesiatych nie mial sobie rownych.

to in the sixties.


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